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What’s Fabulicious today? Survivors. Like Liza Minnelli.


Liza with a Z. And with everything else. Why do I love her? There’s the talent, of course. But more than that, there’s the guts. Let’s face it; a lot of people thought she’d go down the same path as her brilliant but troubled, mother, Judy Garland. Indeed, Liza has gone through several addictions (not to mention husbands.) But through it all, she fights back, and REFUSES to be a “victim.” Need proof? Here she is on today’s Good Afternoon America show, belting out her signature New York, New York. She can’t dance like she used to (she’s had hip replacements), so she gets talented young dancers to strut for her. And she focuses on what she CAN do–belt that baby out of the park.

So here’s to Ms. Minnelli–a Fabulicious survivor if ever there was one!